2 Days Puerto Rico Tour (Local)

Starting Price $217 /Person
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Travel Days 2 Days
Departure Dates Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday
Highlights A trip to the Fluorescent Lake is a must; it lit up by the special microorganisms that touch the lakes making it feel like a magic touch.
Enjoy Flamenco Beach, with access to a private marina, yatch, experience the ultra-luxury lifestyle, swim with the sea turtles and enjoy the amazing underwater world.
The largest tropical rainforest in the Caribbean with over 50% of the world’s exotic species.
Enjoy Michelin stared cuisine at a fraction of the cost; this is something you cannot resist.
Get the royal service from the exotic Caribbean culture, and enjoy a visa free stay.

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  • Day 1 Culebra Island

    Also known as Culebra Island. Take a yacht out to sea, where you can go snorkeling, with unique local sea turtle. Enjoy the in-depth of experience of the underwater world, which is like a fairy tale fantasy, full of colorful fish and marine life, corals everywhere, like being in "Finding Nemo" it is an once in a lifetime experience not to be missed, but swimming is not necessary.

    On the yacht, enjoy free buffet lunch with wine, food and an unlimited supply of fruit. And finally you arrive Flamenco Beach, ranked number two in the world. This beach is famous for its white sugar-like beaches, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea which is sea green gem that is clear enough to see your own feet; you can still see the underwater coral and seaweed. ***Please notice us advance 7days before tour starts; without your notice, we default that you will participate in Scuba Diving in Culebra Island. All attending guest should be age 3 and above. ***

    Hotel:Hyatt Place, Four point by Sheraton or similar

  • Day 2 Bacardi - BBQ - Rain Forest - Bioluminescent Bay

    BACARDI is the world's largest spirits manufacturer most famous for product its rum from Cuba, Now the 80% of this brands run is produced in Puerto Rico Take the tour buses arrive to visit the place to learn about the history of rum and watch the movie Bacardi brand history you will also visit the rum factory simulation room, the wizard will explain the rum manufacturing process. Finally you will get a change for free tasting and cocktail making class from the bartenders.
    Visit El Yunque rainforest, which is one of the largest pristine tropical rainforest with leafy park cliffs, waterfalls and rivers. Here you can experience many natural adventure that is a once in a life time experience. Mount Yokahu Observation Tower while the tower is quite run down, the climb to the top of the scenery is absolutely shocking! With its wind blowing vistas, you will feel on top of the world with that view in front of you. Lunch will be at El Verde BBQ where you can choose roast pork / roast pork / chicken / sausage / tripe / banana/ cassava. You can enjoy super fresh meat at a bargain price. Peña Colada with a glass of iced pineapple coconut milk is absolutely the best match.

    Bioluminescent Bay is the legendary lake fluorescence. It is the world’s only five bio bays, of which two in Australia, three in Puerto Rico! Bay has special luminous microorganisms, when the water is agitated will fluoresce. "Youth of Pi" is inside the live version. You can reach inside to touch the glowing plankton which looks like water fireflies it is truly amazing. This is Puerto Rico’s the most prominent feature, not to be missed!

    ***Please notice us advance 7days before tour starts; without your notice, we default that you will participate in bio-luminous bay tour. All attending guest should be age 6 and above. ***

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    Scenic Spots Notes:
    (1) Itinerary will be subject to traffic and weather. The sequence of the attractions might be changed according to actual and practical situation for better service.
    (2) In case of attraction closures (due to holidays or construction, etc.) tour guide may make some necessary changes to the itinerary accordingly.
    (3) This tour does not accept any City Pass or your own tickets for the attraction. Guests need to purchase admission tickets from tour guides.

    Refund Remark:
    (1) If the weather condition, war, general strikes and other unforeseen circumstances interrupt the journey, our company reserve the right to rearrange the journey without refunding the tour fee.
    (2) If visitors cannot join the tour because of personal reason, the fee for hotels and transportation is not refundable.

  • Optional Admission Package

    Optional Items Adult Senior (65+) Children (3-12)
    C Island Package $114 $114 $110
    Bacardi Rum Factory Tour $17 $17 $0
    Bioluminescent Bay $58 $58 $52
    Tips $10 $10 $10

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