1 Day Napa Valley Tour

Standard Price $78 /Adult
$68 /Child (2-11 years of age)
Tour ID 187
Travel Days 1 Days
Depature Every Monday, Thursday, Saturday
Description Visit Wine Vineyards located in Napa Valley -- a world renowned region for wine making, with a Mediterranean style buildings accented with classic furniture.
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  • Day 1 Napa Valley 1 Day Tour

    Visit Wine Vineyards located in Napa Valley -- a world renowned region for wine making, with a Mediterranean style buildings accented with classic furniture. Wine tasting is available on a separated fee (wine tasting fees are optional). Return to the bay area in the early evening.
  • Fee and charges

      Fee Included:
    1. Ground transportation in air-conditioned deluxe tour coach
    2. Hotel Accommodations
    3. Professional tour guide
    4. * The trip is non refundable and will be re-arranged if there is any uncontrollable situation. (weather, time, security, political factors and so on)*
      Fee not Included:
    1. Optional tours (Prices may vary due to the seasons and are subject to the final box office price): Optional Wine tasting
    2. All personal expenses including shopping expenses, paid TV, phone bill, hotel room service and meals; however, you have the option to pay for meals the tour guide arranges.
    3. Suggested tipping rate is *$8/per day, per passenger, for our tour directors and bus drivers. (*Cash only)
    4. Airport Pick-up Service fee for driver (min. $3.00/person)
    5. Personal Travel Health Insurance
  • Notice

    1. Emergency Phone: 1-800-810-7696
    2. All clients should respect the arrangements by Fargotour’s tour guide and driver. If for any reason a conflict develops, please call our emergency line at 1-800-810-7696 for immediate help. If any client disturbs others during the road trip, Joy Holiday reserves the right to legally terminate the service and end the client’s trip.
    3. Please call for your updated information, tour guide contact information, and your pickup location between 15:00-18:00 pacific time one day before your departure. Any emergency incident during your trip, please contact Joy Holiday timely.
    4. Fargotour reserve the right to adjust itinerary.
    5. In case of inclement weather, traffic congestion, flight re-scheduling, mechanical failure or other unpredictable circumstances, our company representatives reserve the right to make appropriate changes based on the situation to protect the group’s interest and safety.
    6. Fargotour reserve the right to cancel the tour of any person who displays disruptive behavior which repeatedly hinders the enjoyment and comfort of other tour members, at any time anywhere. No refund will be given and we will not responsible of the consequences of their conduct No matter what the reason for cancellation, this policy remains in effect.
    7. If you cannot go on the trip or part of the trip for any reason whatsoever, understand that any and all unused portion(s) of the trip are non-refundable and non-exchangeable
    8. All clients are responsible for their personal belongings during the trip. Our tour leader and driver will try their best to assist clients in a search for their lost or misplaced items. However, we cannot guarantee such items will be found. If you find that any of your belongings are missing, please contact us immediately. After the trip, Joy Holiday can only hold your found item(s) for ONE MONTH, after that all unclaimed items will be donated to the charity organization, Goodwill.
  • Bus tour notice

    *All the pick-up location changes need to finish one day prior to the departure date before 12 pm.
    *Additional $100 fee will apply if you would like to change the pick-up location on the tour day.
    *Additional $250 fee will apply if you miss the bus, we will need to arrange a charter bus for you.
  • Pickup Location

    Location Address Time
    Fremont 46196 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539
    (Marina Foods)
    7:00 am
    San Jose 1688 Hostetter Road, San Jose, CA 95131
    (99 Ranch Market)
    7:30 am
    Cupertino) 10122 Bandley Dr, Cupertino, CA 95014
    (Marina Food)
    8:00 am
    Burlingame 777 Airport Blvd, Burlingame, CA 94010
    (Red Roof Inn)
    8:45 am
    San Francisco San Francisco CA 94102 (Union Square Macy's) 9:15 am
    Oakland 718 Franklin St Oakland, CA 94607
    9:45 am